The Need for Speed

The Need For Speed

Website speed optimisation is a hot topic at the moment, so we’re going to do a few blog posts on the subject. In a previous article, Is Website Speed Important? we started to look at the effects of poor performing websites. For those that like easy to digest bite size information, we thought we would share this powerful Infographic from Google.

What are the key messages here?

• The tolerance of poor performing websites is clearly decreasing over time. Remember, its a privilege to have visitors coming to your website, so give them a fast high quality experience.

• If your website delivers a key message via a slider, for example “Special Offer 25% Off”, then you only have a couple of seconds before people take no notice of it.

• If your website performance is slow (“slow” = greater than 3 seconds) then you may as well offer links off to your competitors websites.

• Each 1 second delay that you impose on your visitors will reduce your conversion rate and result in fewer actions.

• Bounce rate (the rate at which visitors land on a page then immediately click off your site) increases dramatically as page load time increases.

• As mobile devices like the iPad become the norm, website page load speeds will have to decrease to cater for these visitors.

Click on the image below to download the full size PDF file

The Need For Speed

If you don’t know how your website currently performs, why not get in touch and let us show you how we can help.

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  1. Thanks for your help this week, Dan. I’ll definitely take this content and your services on-board for future projects.

  2. As ever a quality blog post Dan. 3 seconds! Seems to come down by 1 second every six months!

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